Upcoming SODIUM hard fork a new milestone for Burstcoin

What is the SODIUM Hard Fork all about?

Blocktime Stabilization (CIP23)

Smart Contract Upgrade (CIP20)

Fee Slot Enforcement (CIP23)

Burst Deep Link Specification (CIP22)

Subscription Fee Reduction + Minor Network Changes (CIP25)

BRS 3.0 is coming!

Java to Kotlin

UI Overhaul

Summary of the SODIUM hard fork

  • On May 10 2020, BRS 2.5 (Java) was released.
  • Around 20 June 2020, the Burst blockchain will hard fork at block 765,000.
  • Includes improvements CIP 20, 22, 23, 24 and 25.
  • Second half of 2020, BRS 3.0 (a Kotlin rewrite) will be released.

Final Words




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